New incarnation

I’m restarting this blog to broaden the idea of Everyday Sustainable from its original incarnation that focused on sustainability, energy efficiency and the environment.

I’m still passionate about living a life that’s sustainable environmentally, however, this concept pervades my interests more broadly. And I suppose I was aware of this with that first blog because I called it:

A place to share and explore the choices, questions, tools, and actions that I and others make as we navigate how to live “everyday sustainable.”

So indeed, the questions I ask now/again are:

  • How do we live everyday in a way that is healthy not only for the environment, but also for us as individuals, in relationship, and in our communities?
  • What tools and habits help us?

And I find myself filtering the everyday through this lens, as I explore broad interests in personal health, caregiving and aging, quantified self (QS), energy efficiency and sustainability, and delightful user experience and design.

I plan to share what I observe and pass along what I find are interesting, useful and fun ideas and examples of “everyday sustainable.”