This blog is  a place to share and explore the inspiring, useful and fun ideas and examples of the choices, questions, tools, and actions we make as we navigate how to live “everyday sustainable.”


I’m drawn to the everyday things in life.

When I was 16, I had the fortune of spending three weeks in India (on a Girls Scout program, no less!) and I believe that immersion into a country and country so vividly distinct from my own Midwest suburban childhood catalyzed the incipient anthropologist in me, and a lifelong interest in observing and learning how people navigate their worlds in their everyday lives.

I find myself filtering the everyday through this lens of “everyday sustainable” as I explore broad interests in personal health, caregiving and aging, quantified self (QS), energy efficiency and sustainability, and delightful user experience and design.

I’ve worked in a variety of roles–user researcher, product manager, marketing strategist, ad account manager, health and wellness practitioner and coach–with agencies, startups and Fortune 100 companies. I studied Social Anthropology (BA, Harvard; MA, Stanford), and have had additional training in Acupressure/Traditional Chinese Medicine and Environmental Leadership.

Two previous blogs focus “everyday sustainable” in health and wellness (WakoWa Salon: Everyday Wellness) and sustainability (everyday sustainable, v.1).

Please join me in this exploration by sharing your perspective!

Wako Takayama
(Wako rhymes with “taco”)


One Comment on “About”

  1. claudiawiens says:

    Dear Wako,
    I can’t find any other contact option on your website, so I try my luck via this comment option. I’m a photographer and I have an ongoing project called EveryDaySustainable, you can find it on IG for example @everydaysustainable . I was looking into buying this domain and found that it is already taken by you. But looking at your website it seems you haven’t been blogging since 2013. I was wondering if I could buy the domain from you and if yes what would be your conditions? You can reach me on info@claudiawiens.com
    Kind regards,


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